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Glenda (Johnson) caldwrll 


7/12/2024 8:57:38 AM  eMail registration 
Theresa (Maurer) Kelm  


6/26/2024 2:10:52 AM  My brother passed away February 6th, 2023..... sorry for the mistake  
Theresa (Maurer) Kelm  


6/26/2024 2:02:41 AM  My brother, John Maurer, class of 1976 passed away February 16th, 2024 
Theresa (Maurer) Kelm  


6/26/2024 1:37:13 AM  I check the site memorial pages to pray for the families of those who have passed away. Thank you for keeping the site going. 
Charlie Phillips 


6/23/2024 8:08:12 PM  Cindy I am in for a late reunion if we can people together I am sorry to say Dave Millan class of 1973 passed last week We were friends since 2nd grade and played in little league and senior World Series together. Rest in peace by buddy 
Cindy Lee Carty 


4/3/2024 11:35:20 AM  Question... a few people have reached out to find out if our class of '73 is having a 50 year reunion. Might be a bit behind?? If there is any chance, we'd have to have a serious show of interest to plan 'something'. In this day and age, maybe a home site would be more enjoyable and affordable. Anyone? 
Sally (Ralya) Senecal 


3/23/2024 1:38:27 PM  eMail registration 
Clay Wagoner 


3/18/2024 8:04:29 PM  Great to see the site is still going.  
Rick Rogers 


2/28/2024 4:00:53 PM  What a ride this life has been 
Karen Enochs (Agnew) 


2/28/2024 1:41:11 PM  Thank you so much to Bill and Cathy for keeping this site up and running. Your hard work is greatly appreciated. 

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