Name Grad Year Date Comments
Cheryl (Ramirez) Ramirez-Balz  


9/4/2023 12:37:05 PM  eMail registration 
Sylvia (Bernard) Thompson 


9/4/2023 10:30:29 AM  Retired and living in Southern Utah. 
Chuck Barber 


8/16/2023 8:52:05 PM  I`m glad this is here to see some of my memories and appreciate the work out into this site 


8/15/2023 9:12:30 PM  eMail registration 
Terry Lux 


8/15/2023 9:40:38 AM  This is an excellent web site go to often thanks for maintaining it, it is fun to check on old classmates  
Paul Jenkins  


8/15/2023 1:29:34 AM  Hi, just checking in on my fellow alumn`s ... It`s funny that it`s been almost 50 years but I remember all of you ... some moments seem just like yesterday  
Traci Allen  


8/14/2023 3:49:03 PM  Hi thank you for keeping this active. Also, thank you again for everything that you do keeping us well informed of everything that is going on with our classes. 
Louise (Mila) Notarte 


8/14/2023 11:54:40 AM  Hello! Wanted to say "Thank You" to Bill for keeping the alumni page up. Just checking to see if any reunion info. Take care everyone! 
Daniel Casella 


8/6/2023 6:43:10 PM  Thank you for your efforts and keeping the site active Bill! 
Peggy Stedman  


7/29/2023 10:41:21 PM  I was just talking to a classmate, Sandi Barnes. We go to the same church, graduated the same year. I came home to look her up. If there`s anything I can do to support your efforts, please let me know.:) Bill 

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