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April Daniel 


12/12/2023 12:34:30 PM  Because I graduated in January 1983, I did not have a senior picture. I loved participating in choir and drama, and was especially proud of playing Jan in Grease. Thank you to those who keep this website going. 
Sheila Perez 


12/11/2023 6:35:09 PM  eMail registration 
Robert Swigart 


11/20/2023 10:16:17 PM  eMail registration 
Terry Rogers 


10/14/2023 8:08:09 AM  I was in the first class to start as a Freshman and graduate. My sister Tycie and brother Mike also graduated from LQ. I'm still living in the area (HB), lots of good memories from LQ but have never attended a reunion. 
Charlie phillips 


9/29/2023 1:17:48 PM  50 years since graduation. Getting old is a bitch! After pulmonary embolism in December prostate cancer found. Caught it very early had surgery and they got it all. Guys a reminder keep getting checked so you can catch stuff early as it beats the alternative. So still kicking after all these years. Retired from teaching but still coaching. Class of 73 hope all are well will miss not having a 50 year reunion. 
John Mortensen 


9/18/2023 9:53:01 PM  Thanks for keeping the site going, Bill! 
Thuy Thanh X Nguyen 


9/9/2023 2:57:20 AM  Hey fellow Aztecs! Espcially 1993! It`s so good to be here and find old friends, class of 1993! Thanks for creating this page! I hope and pray that everyone is safe and healthy! God bless you! 
Cindy (Harrison) Blake 


9/8/2023 9:57:15 AM  I was just wondering if anyone knows or heard from Rhonda Gaines? Class of 1978 
Toni E Homen 


9/5/2023 6:00:39 PM  Just wondering what everyone has done 
Stacy Lee (Strong) 


9/4/2023 11:13:55 PM  eMail registration 

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