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Helen Rowe 


8/20/1999  Too cool, I think we both paid our dues. If ya know what I mean. I have told everyone I know about this site. 
Johnna Sue (Gann) Sampsel 


8/20/1999  Bill has done wonders in such a short time; I nominate him for class Historian!!! (All classes for 
Bill Moyer 


8/20/1999 10:26:09 PM  In a word: Great job people--whoops more than one word. 
Michael DiLeo 


8/21/1999 12:11:53 AM  This web page is going to bring a lot of old friends and lovers back together. Great job Bill!! How 
Gayle (Gourley) Reed 


8/21/1999 3:42:18 AM  Bill, you did a wonderful job on the website! The time and talent you have devoted to make this po 
Lori (Skoczylas) Hollaway 


8/21/1999 9:57:58 AM  Bill, You did a wonderful job. We all appreciate you doing all this work. Great photos. Lori 
Glenn A Van Walraven 


8/22/1999 12:25:14 AM  You da man MR. BILL 
Patt (Turgeon) Caldwell 


8/22/1999 12:29:45 AM  Great Job Bill....I can do the logos...I think this will work...I know I am very interested in the 
Bob Burnett 


8/22/1999 1:38:39 AM  Very Nice. 
Jackie Trotter 


8/22/1999 2:06:36 AM  This is amazing, I love this site. Would love to send you a `now` pic of myself. Just wonderful, 

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