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bullet HTML/CSS Help - Looking for someone to help me fix an HTML/CSS problem on th...more

bullet On the way back - For those who frequent this site, you're probably noticed that the site went down several weeks ago. This was due to the ISP that I've used for 15 years deciding to move our site to another platform. They ASSURED me all would be copied and everything would work just fine. Apparently, they lied. When I first got notice the site was down, I logged in to the 'lost' page. I immediately went behind the scenes and, Lo! and behold... ALL of the web pages I have worked on for the last 20 years WERE GONE. Missing. Not there. I called ...more

bullet 1981 40th Reunion - The class of 1981 is having a 40th year reunion on August 21, 2021. Click HERE for details.

bullet 1980 Reunion Announced - The class of 1980 announced their 40th reunion. Read about it HERE.

bullet 70/71 Reunion Announced - The classes of 1970 and 1971 are having a joint reunion. Read about it HERE.

bullet Wanted: OLD SCHOOL PHOTOS - #Do you have some old photos you took at school laying aroun...more

bullet Need more news items! - If you have information you would like posted here about LQ ...more