La Quinta High School opened in 1964 and was the fifth school in the Garden Grove Unified School District (hence the name La Quinta). The first graduating class was the Class of 1965.

In the summer of 1999, a group of La Quinta Alumni got together via the Internet and renewed old acquaintances.  Out of this meeting, a decision was made to formalize an association for La Quinta High School alumni.

This project is in it's infancy. Permission is being sought from the administrators at La Quinta to begin official formation and recognition of this association. Once permission is granted, all alumni of La Quinta High School will be eligible to enroll in the association.  After  enrollment begins, officers will be elected and a charter will be written and approved by all active members.

Bookmark this page as information will be posted here once general enrollment has begun.  If you have questions, or would like to assist in the formation of this organization, please contact the Webmaster.

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